A web-application to do petrophysical analysis using LAS file well-log data


Aditya Arie Wijaya


July 15, 2023

Web App for Geoscience

Welcome Page

This app was built to answer the need for a quicklook petrophysical analysis for well-log data. Up to the time of this article published, author found no web application that was available for FREE to students and enthusiast-alike.

Link of the website can be found here plotpetrophysics

Features are as follows:

Upload Your Own/ Use Pre-loaded Data

If you don’t have any other dataset to play with, you can use the preloaded file to see what the app can offer. Otherwise, feel free to load your own LAS file data to it (just make sure it is LAS 2.0).

File Selection

Displays Well Information

Information about the well, like a well-name, the top and bottom depth, company, etc. can be displayed.

Well Information

See Missing Data

All the curves available in the data will be displayed as a bar chart from top to bottom of the log (scaled by number of rows depending on the depth step), any missing data would be displayed here as shorter than others.

Plots Well Log data in Triple Combo Format

Triple Combo Log The plot can be adjusted based on depths, scales, number of grids, and the shadings between curves (plot settings on the left)

Plots in Formation Evaluation Format

One can also turned-on Formaton Evaluation mode and then displayed as shale volume, bulk volume of water, and water saturation as follows.

Curves Overview

And Many More…

  • You can download all plot as PDF files

  • You can download final result as CSV

  • There is histogram view of a curve

  • There is a scatter-plot view of the curves


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